When It’s Time to Move on (The Ultimate Guide + Image Quotes)

It is a sad reality of life that there are times when we simply must let go and move on. This is true not only in romantic relationships, but also in work situations, living situations, professional relationships, and friendships. Even investments and tangible possessions, no matter how destructive or demanding they have become, can be difficult to let go of.

Should I stay or should I go? Should I buy or sell? Should you fight it out or throw in the towel? Difficult decisions. It's a delicate balance of perseverance and self-preservation.

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What often aggravates the situation is that, while we may intellectually understand this life truth, it is difficult for us to put it into practice. We can easily see and point out to others when it's time for them to move on, but it's more difficult to recognize when it's time to say goodbye to ourselves.

Signs that it is time to move on

1. When you feel unheard or disrespected

Every one of us has a basic need to be respected and heard.

2. When you consistently give more than you take

Though we should not keep score, there must be a long-term balance of give and take.

3. When you dwell on the past rather than the present

It is impossible to live in the past. If remembering the past is more pleasurable than living in the present, you're either glorifying the past or there's something seriously wrong with the present situation.

4. When you are constantly mentally and physically exhausted

Life is work, and it can be extremely exhausting at times, but that should not be the norm. It's a problem if you're always exhausted.

5. When you laugh more than you cry

While we are bound to experience pain and hurt feelings from time to time, laughter and smiles should outnumber tears.

6. When you experience anger more frequently than you experience love

Anger is a normal part of life. People can irritate us, especially those we care about. And, while life circumstances can be very frustrating, love, not anger, should be the default.

7. When you find yourself hoping for a better tomorrow, day after day after day

Hope sustains us; life would be meaningless without it, but if we are perpetually so unhappy that we keep hoping tomorrow will be better, we need to examine how we are living today.

8. When you find yourself thinking, “Things would be better if they just changed

We can't make other people change. We also cannot pin our happiness on the actions of others. We must accept reality. We are responsible for our own happiness, and if we are unable to be happy and healthy with the way things are, we must move on.

9. When you have to hide your true self in order to be accepted or loved

Whatever the situation, it is not sustainable if you are unable to fully express yourself and be who you truly are.

10. When you are constantly rescuing, covering for, or repairing mishaps

The knight in shining armor eventually wears out. Even if you are the big sister, dependable friend, and go-to person who has it all together, that doesn't mean you should always step in and fix things. Allowing others to take advantage of you develops into an unhealthy pattern.

11. When you've lost all joy and passion that you once had

We all experience lulls, periods of dullness, or become stuck in a rut, but if your enthusiasm and joy are truly gone, let it go.

12. When you are made to feel “less than” or “insufficient

Never let anyone, not your boss, lover, friend, coworker, or colleague, make you feel inferior. You are valuable in the same way that everyone else is. You are inherently worthy and sufficient just for being yourself.

13. When you are constantly resentful, frustrated, or bored

Resentment and frustration may not feel like an emergency, but if they persist, they can degrade your overall quality of life. It's like carrying a constant weight on your back. You can't be happy or healthy until you let go of that burden.

14. When you find yourself in a situation that brings you more pain than joy

Although pain is unavoidable, it should not overshadow happiness. When pain is a constant companion, or when it is purposefully inflicted on you, it is time to let go of whatever or whomever is causing it.

15. When you realize that the only thing holding you back is apprehension about the unknown

Uncertainty is frightening, and we frequently choose to remain in an unhappy situation because we are afraid of what will happen next, what is behind the other door. But clinging to what we know because we are afraid of what we don't know is a clear indication that we need to let go.

16. When you stop having fun, that's when you're sixteen

Life isn't always fun, and nothing is ever fun all of the time. But we can try to have fun in any way we can. If he, she, they, or it no longer makes you happy, it's time to let him or her go.

17. When you are no longer able to grow as a person

Life is all about progress. We are constantly changing, growing, and progressing, learning and stretching who we are and who we can be. If you feel stunted, suffocated, or trapped in a box of sameness, you must make a change as soon as possible for your own sanity and wellbeing.

18. When you have a nagging feeling that there is a better life out there for you

Do you have the nagging feeling that there is more for you, that you deserve better, that you might be settling for a mediocre or subpar life? Those thoughts, that underlying feeling and desire, could indicate that it's time to make a change.

19. When you have to justify your inability to let go to yourself and others on a regular basis

Making excuses, looking for reasons to justify why you're clinging to something or someone that isn't working, healthy, or sustainable is never a good idea, especially if your reason is “I've already invested so much time…or money…” That is never a good enough reason to throw more away.

20. When you are unable to be the best version of yourself

The right person, job, and friends should bring out the best in you, not the worst.

21. When you have a persistent, nagging ache in your gut that tells you something is wrong

Your gut usually knows before your brain…and it's also more reliable. Our instincts can pick up on things that our brains either don't notice or refuse to see. So, if you have a sinking feeling in your stomach, pay attention to it and move on.

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