Who to Connect With on Linkedin (The Ultimate Guide + Image Quotes)

Our social lives are undeniably gaining a second dimension in the online world, with our virtual personas gradually becoming as important as our real-life ones. Building a good persona is more than necessary in an online social network for professionals with nearly 280 million users (that can be nothing less than the future in career interactions). It's critical. LinkedIn is not only a great place to look for a job, but it is also a great place to get feedback, inspiration, ideas, constructive criticism, and recommendations. Actually, anything you would normally gain from your professional – and more extensive – network, but from the comfort of your own chair, sofa, bed, or whatever you want to call it. It is time to take action after you have completed the first step, which is to create your profile, polish your curriculum vitae (CV), and post a great photo of yourself. It is now time to begin constructing your virtual professional network. These are the types of people you'll need to build your LinkedIn haven:

1. Professionals you are already acquainted with

You either work together or have worked together in the past. You meet them at conferences and talk with them while eating sandwiches from the lunch buffet. You get the idea. These people are now your professional reality, and you must include them in your virtual professional life as well. They are the people to turn to when you need something specialized, or they will be the people you will endorse and they will endorse you.

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2. Professionals you've never met but would like to meet

You may not have been introduced to them, but you happened to see their profile and your 10-year career plan suddenly unfolded in front of your eyes. You may have heard one of their talks at a conference and wished with all your heart that it had been yours. Their fascinating CV is everything you would ever want to achieve. Not only could those people be your future colleagues, employers, or mentors, but revisiting their profiles every now and then provides you with enough motivation to keep going for months. Include them!

3. People from your extended family, such as friends and family

At first glance, that classmate you haven't seen in ten years and who now runs a business in a completely different industry to yours appears to have nothing to offer, but you should reconsider. Apart from the fact that people from various industries provide a broader perspective that is always useful, people know people. You never know who might end up assisting you, or who might end up assisting you. Plus, who better to help you than your own friends and family?

4. People with a large network

Some people have an inconceivable number of contacts. It could be their job or simply their way of life. Those with a large network of contacts can serve as useful connectors between you and other people or jobs. Furthermore, because they almost certainly add everyone, they will be very easy to approach and add!

5. People with promise

They may be starting a small business now, but so did Google. Some people may not appear to be useful at the time, but you never know where their luck will take them. Since you're already in this social network to network, why not take chances? You never know what will happen if you add and follow their work.

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6. The day's saviors

Do you have a computer-savvy friend? Regardless of how well you understand LinkedIn or computers, you know that person who is an expert on a specific subject. He will assist you in getting out of difficult situations without breaking a sweat. He'll save the day! Add him and thank him ahead of time because you'll need him on several occasions.

7. Your harshest critic

No, I'm not referring to you. I'm talking about that professor who, even though he eventually gave you a good grade, made you walk through fire to get it and who would never praise you for something you didn't truly deserve. You need people like that in your network. His remarks may not be pleasant to hear, but there is nothing like constructive criticism to propel you to the top. Accept it.

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