Why Am I Not Smart (The Ultimate Guide + Image Quotes)

Stop for a moment and consider whether there has ever been a time (or times) when you have arrogantly said or thought, “I'm too smart for this.” If you've always thought of yourself as Mr. Smarty Pants, you might want to take a step back and think about it. That way of thinking can be detrimental in both life and work.

So, while it's difficult to admit it, consider the possibility that you're not as smart as you think you are.

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Continue reading to see if you have any of the following symptoms:

1. You are a talker rather than a listener

That's putting it mildly.

You enjoy the sound of your own voice, whether you realize it or not. People don't come to you to talk about their problems or even celebrate their successes because you always end up talking about your own.

If this describes you, make a conscious decision to listen and focus on what the other person is saying the next time you're in a conversation. Don't try to outdo them; instead, simply listen.

2. You only show off the good stuff and make up some

You keep your true personality hidden. You feign it. Significantly. While it is important to always be at your best when meeting important people, you take it a step further: you lie to give people a better impression of you.

Smart people value the truth and know better than to conceal it for the sake of appearances. Showing only your best qualities and incorporating some special effects will tire you out in the long run.

3. You're constantly in the eye of a storm

You're always in the midst of a conflict. And, if you think about it, you either caused the conflict or added fuel to the fire.

Smart people, on the other hand, either avoid getting involved when there is nothing they can do or do everything they can to help resolve the conflict. Make an effort to do the same.

4. You discourage people rather than encouraging them

You discourage people not only by saying it, but also by not giving them the time of day. In some ways, you're telling them that their ideas or problems aren't worth your time or (perceived) intelligence.

By paying attention, smart people help to encourage others. They listen (notice the first sign) and share their knowledge. If Richard Branson and Adm. William McRaven, commander of the United States Special Forces, can take the time to answer letters from children, you can spend a few minutes encouraging others.

5. You are a fan of lowbrow entertainment

You avoid difficult subjects and are content with reading material that is entertaining but not thought-provoking. You also waste a lot of time watching bad reality television.

True thinkers enjoy reading books and watching films that inspire their creativity and cause them to think and question. Give it a shot; a few hours of intellectual reading could broaden your horizons. If the thought of reading thick books intimidates you, you can begin by listening to audiobooks.

6. You're always on the go

You spend your working life running around like a headless chicken. There always seems to be a problem that consumes the majority of your working day. You also discover that you are doing all of the work all of the time.

Learn how to delegate and ask for assistance. You're a little arrogant to think you can do everything for everyone. Make it a point to rest and spend time on things that are important in life, rather than just work.

7. You're a guy who likes to sleep around

Let's face it: cheating on your partner isn't exactly a wise decision. And science confirms it!

According to one study, male sexual exclusivity is a sign of higher intelligence. Yep. Fighting your biological urge to “spread your oats” demonstrates that you are not only smart, but smarter than most because you do not allow your primal instincts to take over.

You may have received a lot of praise as a child, a teen, or a college student for your high grades and other academic achievements. That's fantastic. Ego boosts are healthy and necessary from time to time. But aim for more than just recognition.

If you truly want to be smart but find yourself exhibiting the above signs, now is the time to make a change. Be a smarter, more capable version of yourself. Listen, be truthful, avoid conflict, inspire, read, delegate, and keep it in your pants.

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