Why Am I So Scatterbrained (The Ultimate Guide + Image Quotes)

On a daily basis, I personally experience all of the typical things that scatterbrained people will understand and go through. Some of them aren't “normal” in the eyes of others, but oh well! You know you're a scatterbrained person when:

1. You have a to-do list all over the place

This is usually the result of a Pinterest or Facebook post with awesome ideas, or Instagram photos of awesome foods you need to make. So your mind is racing at a million miles per hour, making to-do lists for the week, month, and year! We all know, however, that those to-do lists will never be completed because someone texted you about dinner and tacos sound better than planning your meals for the entire week!

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2. Various parts of your brain and soul are attempting to participate in the same conversation

The way you hold conversations usually elicits one of two reactions. The first is a look of awe when the person you're talking to notices that you can hold a conversation on your own and realizes you don't need them. In reality, it's usually a hidden look of concern, as if they're looking for the contact information for the nearest hospital that can give you something to make you focus on one thing.

The other reaction is incredible in and of itself. If the person you're speaking with has a scatter brain, you're both having multiple conversations in each part of your brain, jumping from topic to topic while remaining in sync. Observers are usually in the background, with their jaws on the floor, wondering how two people can be making plans, discussing Harry Potter, talking about different types of wine, and their dogs in the same conversation, with every other sentence being a different subject.

3. You constantly receive “Hello…?” texts

Normally, you receive a message and mentally respond to it. Normally, this mental response would be an entire paragraph; however, you did not send it. Your friends understand that it is preferable to simply call you or send you a message online in groups so that you actually respond, rather than expecting them to read your mind!

4. You've made several trips to the store because… ooh! Candy!

You've probably gone to the store hungry because you needed an onion or something for some stupid recipe you saw on Facebook. You walk into the store, determined to get this onion and get out so you can cross at least one item off your one-of-a-thousand-to-do-list. Then you notice a lot of candy in one aisle, and OH! POPCORN! Then you're trying to see if you can gather some friends for a movie night.

Snickers, Rice Crispy Treats, popcorn, soda, and the Sour Patch Kids all make an appearance. Then you find yourself looking through the magazines, then through the cards, remembering that someone's birthday was about a week ago. This is why you don't go to Target: by the time you're in your car with your bags in the trunk, you realize you forgot the dang onion. Oh well, it's drive-through tacos before movie night!

5. People who don't know you think you're a jerk, and those who do, write their plans down in your planner

Planning ahead of time necessitates a significant amount of effort on your part. You're constantly having conversations about doing amazing things, but you don't actually do them until they're written down. When I say stone, I'm referring to your daily planner, which provides some order in your chaotic, spontaneous life. If you make verbal plans with someone, you have made a mistake!

6. You probably have 5,637,372 other tabs and programs open and running while reading this in this tab!

Don't even try to deny it; you've got Facebook open, you're shopping online, you're trying (but not really) to do your homework, and you're reading this article. In addition, there's probably some music playing in the background and you're watching something on television. Am I mistaken? If I am, you may have come across an article that isn't about you (no offense).

7. You don't consider the first hour or so before your caffeine dose to be “awake

This is the hour when you can consider yourself a Walking Dead extra. Nothing will register, and you will almost be considered to be sleep walking until a cup of coffee is poured or a monster is cracked open. Anyone who attempts to make plans, ask you important questions, or get you to do something for them in the first hour is completely insane.

8. Your kryptonite is anything that moves, including lights, noise, and smells

Regardless of how hard you try, your busy mind will usually find a way to divert your attention. Homework takes you approximately eight hours as opposed to the “normal” three.

9. The only reason your pet is alive is because it communicates with you about what it requires

Seriously, every single plant you bought on the spur of the moment has died. The only reason your dog or whatever is alive is because it reminds you that it is hungry, thirsty, or needs to pee by being extremely annoying or loud.

10. Depending on what is going on in your brain, you have approximately 16,000 different types of handwriting

When you write something down, the way it looks depends on how fast your brain is moving, how you're feeling, what you're writing about, and who you're writing to. For example, if you are taking notes in class, your writing appears as doodles or chicken scratch, whereas your handwriting on a note to a significant other appears very differently.

11. The only way you can stay calm is to multitask

When you're sitting in front of the television, there's never any sense of calm in your mind. You must be using a computer, a drawing pad, folding laundry, or playing on your phone. It is simply the only way to calm your frantic and disorganized mind. But don't worry, you're not alone!

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