Why Can’t I Get Anything Done (The Ultimate Guide + Image Quotes)

If you can't seem to get anything done, you need to confront these seven harsh realities about why you procrastinate.

1. You are constantly interrupted by distractions

I'd like to highlight the word LET. People like to complain about how “distracted” they are, and the majority of them are unwilling to accept responsibility for that reality.

No one is holding a gun to your head and demanding that you answer texts as soon as you receive them or take on more responsibilities than you can handle.

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If you are feeling overwhelmed, you must accept that it is your fault. I don't say this to condemn you, because I've been guilty of both of these things myself, but you must accept personal responsibility; if you can't, don't bother reading the rest of this article.

2. You take pride in your ability to “multitask”

In the information age, focus is a skill that is in short supply. Everyone is so focused on doing more that they never consider the possibility that doing fewer things more effectively might be more productive.

How productive would it be to take a customer phone call while carrying out a transaction in person if doing so results in mistakes that could have been avoided? How efficient is it to stop writing an article or essay every five minutes to respond to a non-urgent text? How successful do you think you'll be if you're so used to distraction that you don't know what it's like to concentrate?

I dare you to answer those questions if you truly believe multitasking is a good idea.

3. You think a lot but don't do much

Long-term success necessitates planning, but as the saying goes, “there can always be too much of a good thing.” The best plan in the world is useless if you never put it into action. George Patton put it succinctly: “A good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan violently executed next week.”

4. You blame others for your problems

If you get upset when someone else gets a promotion instead of you, I'd like to invite you to cry me a river. Look, even if you deserve the job, how productive is it to gossip about someone else? If anything, you'll alienate that coworker and make yourself look like a sore loser, which won't help your cause the next time you look for a promotion.

5. You obsess over things over which you have no control

Nobody — anywhere — ever said, “Obsessing over things I can't do anything about sure makes me feel better about myself.” Do not fall into this trap; it will only lead to self-inflicted stress and regret.

6. You can never say “no” to anything

While it's great to have friends you enjoy spending time with, you can't expect to accomplish anything worthwhile if you spend all of your time with other people. Highly effective hustlers understand that if they want to achieve their goals, they must spend the occasional night working alone.

7. You read articles like this all the time but never put them into practice

I enjoy reading because it allows me to discover new thoughts and ideas that push me to grow; however, even the best self-help article in the world will not save you if you are unwilling to apply the material in your life. Leave a comment below to let us know how you intend to proceed.

Also, if you want to help your fellow procrastinators who can't seem to get anything done, check out this article: What Is Procrastination and How Can I Avoid It? (The Complete Guide)

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