Why Do Kids Like Me (The Ultimate Guide + Image Quotes)

Do you think you're a good-looking person? A recent Frontiers in Psychology study looked at how children perceive both attractive and unattractive people. According to the findings, if children do not warm up to you right away, cry at the sight of you, or simply do not seem to like you, you may not be one of the “attractive people.” The reason for this is that you do not appear trustworthy in the eyes of children. And the story is completely different for attractive people–they are liked and trusted by children!

Are Attractive People More Reliable?

The psychologists who conducted this study were most likely not attempting to demonstrate that the world's unattractive faces are untrustworthy. They were attempting to demonstrate that both children and adults have preconceived notions about who they should trust in this world.

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The second part of this study included not only groups of children, but also groups of adults to see if our perceptions change as we age. Apparently, our point of view only strengthens with age, and adults are also guilty of judging people's trustworthiness based on their appearance.

Obviously, this is a result of society's widespread belief that beauty equals character. If anyone believes that attractive people should be trusted automatically, they have a serious problem! When children prefer one person over another, it is not because that person is more trustworthy; rather, children, like everyone else, prefer people who are happy and confident. People who believe they are attractive tend to be happier and more confident.

It is entirely up to you

After reading this study, you have the option of walking away with your tail between your legs, thinking that if children find you unattractive, no one else will, or you can take action.

So what if the majority of society does not find you attractive? Accept yourself for who you are. Take care of yourself, both inside and out. You will be happier and more confident as you learn to love and care for yourself. Your happiness and confidence will alter how others perceive you, and you will soon discover that both children and adults regard you as one of the “attractive people.”

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