Why Does the Universe Hate Me (The Ultimate Guide + Image Quotes)

When my life was a shambles, I blamed the Universe. “Why me?” I'd ask myself over and over. What did I do to earn this? It's not right. Why does this keep happening to me?”

THE SECRET was the next book I read. The Law of Attraction was introduced to me in The Secret, and I believed that this was how I could get the Universe to work for me rather than against me. I knew very little about the Law of Attraction. I had no idea how it worked or how it was linked to the Universe. I used to believe that the Universe was a place where if I sent out positive thoughts, I would receive positive results.

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Famous people such as Oprah Winfrey endorsed the Secret and shared their stories about how the Law of Attraction improved their lives. The Secret's success was incredible.

I remember thinking at the time that if the Secret works for all these famous and successful people, it must work for me. I used the Secret's three-step formula, Ask, Believe, and Receive, and waited for the Law of Attraction to work in my life.

I lost my job while I was reading the Secret. I was heartbroken and felt like a failure. I was unhappy, so I stopped reading The Secret or thinking about the Law of Attraction. It's funny, though, when you feel like your life has hit rock bottom and you have a choice – do I continue on this downward spiral or do I try to figure out a way out?

The easier option is to do nothing, but I chose to try to find a solution. I decided to put the Law of Attraction and the Secret's teachings to the test. I set out to manifest my ideal job in the way I imagined it should be done.

I got a job, but I took it for all the wrong reasons. The moment I walked into the interview, I knew this was not the job for me. I did not pay attention to my intuition. I had made a deal with the Universe to use the Secret's three-step formula to bring this perfect job into my life. This was the first job offer, so it had to be the one, and I accepted it.

I lost my job three months later. I found myself feeling like a total failure, with no self-esteem, confidence, or self-belief. I had to pull myself out of this deep dark hole once more and start over. It was at this point that I realized the Secret's teachings were not for me.

How could I get the Universe to listen and work for me rather than against me?” I wondered

I discovered five reasons why the Universe wasn't listening to me. I was finally able to get the Universe to work with me once I understood these five reasons.

1. I had no idea what the Universal Laws were or how they worked

There are 12 Universal Laws that govern the universe's physical, emotional, environmental, and spiritual elements. There are four Universal Laws that have the most influence on me out of the twelve. My relationship with the Universe improved dramatically once I understood how these four laws worked.

The Law of Action – In order to get what we want in life, we must take action. We must take actions that reinforce our thoughts, dreams, emotions, and words. There will be no results if nothing is done.
The Law of Cause and Effect states that nothing happens by chance or outside of the Universe's Laws; every action (including thought) has a reaction or consequence. Even if you choose to do nothing, there will be repercussions. If you procrastinate, you will suffer the consequences. You can't get around the law of cause and effect.
The Law of Attraction – This law explains how we bring things, events, and people into our lives. Our thoughts, feelings, words, and actions generate energies, which attract similar energies. Positive attracts positive, and negative attracts negative.

The Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy – the law states that everyone has the ability to change the circumstances of their lives by exercising our power of choice. Our ability to choose how we want to live our lives is critical. We have the ability to change the energies in our lives because we have the power of choice.
My interaction with the Universe is now governed by four laws: action, consequence, positive energy, and the power of choice. Begin working with the universal laws that speak to you. Over time, you will notice that the Universe will respond and begin to work with you to achieve all that you desire in your life.

2. I didn't understand the distinction between setting goals and achieving goals

I read an article by John Assaraf in which he stated that one of the reasons it is difficult to attract what you want in life is that we do not understand the difference between setting a goal and achieving a goal. When you set a goal, you are engaging in both imaginative and rational thinking. When you work to achieve a goal, you are doing so on an emotional and habitual level. The energies are diametrically opposed.

The desire for a goal is “energy in motion,” and unless you keep it strong, it will fade away and lose its power. This was happening all the time to me, especially when it came to losing weight and getting in shape! It was always a struggle for me. I'd start with a hiss and a roar, but it all became too difficult and I'd give up.

I felt more confident in my abilities and myself after learning how to work with the various energies that are necessary for setting and achieving goals. I also noticed that I was having more positive experiences in my life, and that my relationship with the Universe was improving. I gradually stopped bargaining with the Universe and became more open to receiving from it.

3. Before Aligning My Mind, Body, and Soul, I Would Take Action

According to John Assaraf, the reason why some people never achieve positive results is because their positive conscious thoughts are not aligned with their unconscious beliefs, habits, and values. Even if your conscious mind desires greatness, your subconscious mind will block it if you are not aligned in your mind, body, and soul.

To attract positive things into my life, I needed to work on synchronizing my conscious and subconscious minds. Once I figured this out, I became much better at managing all of the emotions and thoughts that are necessary for me to set and achieve my goals.

4. I spent a lot of time trying to feel better while ignoring what was causing me to feel bad

I deliberated long and hard about including this reason because it is complicated. I wanted to share this because I believe we are conditioned to believe that we must be positive and upbeat all of the time or we will never achieve our dreams, be successful, or live the life we desire.

Traumatic and painful events can occur in our lives. It is difficult to be positive and upbeat about life at times like these, especially when you are feeling so bad. There are also times in our lives when we are simply sad, afraid, or frustrated. I was focusing so much on having to be positive and feeling good that I was ignoring my feelings of sadness, grief, pain, and fear.

I agree that having a positive attitude and outlook on life is powerful, and it gives you more energy and happiness. Ignoring your feelings of pain or sadness, on the other hand, only serves to bury them deep within you. These are genuine feelings. They will not remain buried for long and will eventually surface.

When I lost my third job in 18 months, I realized something was off in my life. I needed to sort it out because I wanted to regain control of my life. I couldn't figure out why these terrible things kept happening to me. What was the point of the Universe not assisting me?

It takes a delicate balance to manage and process these emotions without being drawn into the vortex of negativity. My advice is to acknowledge your feelings but then quickly move on to finding more positive things to focus on in your life.

I discovered that by confronting my feelings of sadness, pain, and grief, I became more self-aware and resilient. As a result, my thoughts and energies became more aligned, and my connection with the Universe grew stronger.

5. I spent so much time chasing happiness that I forgot about the joy of the present

For a long time, the Universe told me over and over to enjoy the happy times I was having right now in my life. I was so focused on chasing my happiness in the future that I wasn't paying attention. I kept blaming the Universe for everything bad that happened in my life, and as a result, my relationship with the Universe deteriorated.

The adage “stop and smell the roses” is so true when it comes to living in the moment. It also serves as a reminder to be more mindful of the practice of gratitude and appreciation. We would practice appreciation and gratitude on a daily basis if we were truly living in the present.

I now keep a gratitude journal in which I try to write down 5 things I am grateful for every day. It's amazing how uplifted you feel after reading your gratitude journal. When you consistently appreciate and are grateful for the good things that are present in your life right now, a smile is not far away.

Hanging out with your best friends, going for a walk, sitting in silence, reading a good book, assisting a friend in need or even a stranger are just a few ways we can live happy lives in the present.

I guarantee that if you address these five reasons, your relationship with the universe will flourish. You will notice that you will become more resilient to the challenges that life throws at you, and the best part is that you will be much happier as a result.

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