Why Is Life So Hard (The Ultimate Guide + Image Quotes)

If you're wondering why life is so difficult, it's probably because something is missing in your life. Do you want to live a life of complacency or a life of purpose?

Whatever you define as “purpose,” you know whether you are pursuing it or settling for less. Surprisingly, you will face difficulties in both cases. The only difference between the two is how you feel at the end of the day.

When you wonder why life is so difficult and you are pursuing your purpose, you know there is something that makes it all worthwhile. Even if settling appears to be a risk-free option, you will bear the burden of never reaching your full potential. You'll always wonder if there's more to life than the one you've had.

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While the journey to change your life will not always be easy, it should be enjoyable in the end. You should have fun discovering more about yourself, your goals, and your motivations. If you're wondering if life can get any better, this article is for you.

1. Thriving vs. Surviving

You have two options every day. You have the option of listening to the loud voice of fear and self-doubt, or the quiet voice of confidence and purpose.

The quiet voice of confidence is the one encouraging you to pursue your dream life. Your ideal life is the one you would live if you had no responsibilities or obstacles in your way. If you're wondering why life is so difficult, it's possible that you're struggling to fulfill your purpose. You may want to start your own business, but you need a steady source of income from your current job. It could be overcoming a disadvantage you were born with or the environment you grew up in. Whatever the reason, you are still fighting a battle that you have not won.

While you may believe you are making the best decision possible given the cards you have been dealt, the fact remains that you are meant to do more than just survive. As important as survival is, you don't want to come to the end of your life without having truly lived. Many people find their final days filled with regret because they always succumbed to their fears.

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Stop putting off your dreams if you want to make your life easier. Begin by taking small steps toward achieving them each day. Also, remember to celebrate your small victories. This will help you gain momentum and enjoy the process so that you don't give up when difficulties arise.

Even if you dislike failure, it is acceptable to fail when attempting something new. In fact, failure is a great indicator that you are pursuing your goals and listening to your inner voice of confidence. Continue to learn from your mistakes and let them shape you into the person you want to be.

2. Emotions are running high

Knowing what to do with knowledge, if knowledge is power, should make life easier. That is not always the case, as you will discover. In fact, you could go out on a limb and say that most people know what they should be doing.

Almost half of the population makes a New Year's Resolution every year. They have a strategy in place and understand what needs to happen in order to achieve their goals. Despite this, only about 10% of people follow through on their resolutions each year.

This raises the question, “Why is life so difficult when you have a plan that you know will work?”

There are many salespeople who understand that if they contact a certain number of people each day, they will have a successful business. Some couples understand that if they listen to each other and consider each other's feelings before acting, their relationship will benefit. You understand the action required for success, whether you are discussing professional or personal goals.

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When you fail to consider your emotions, you experience a disconnect. When you feel taken for granted or unappreciated, it is difficult to consider another person's feelings. When the previous five people have all said no, it can be difficult to make the next phone call. Life has an emotional component that makes doing the right thing difficult.

According to research, using the ‘If-Then Principle' to prepare yourself ahead of time can increase your chances of overcoming your emotions. The way it works is that you plan your response ahead of time so that your emotions don't get the best of you later.

For example, if you have unhealthily eating friends, you can say, “If I go to lunch with them, I will order a salad.” When it comes to sales, you might say, “If I'm told no, I'll keep calling until I hear yes.” As simple as it may sound, knowing how you will handle setbacks is what distinguishes those who survive from those who thrive.

3. Using Both Ends of the Candle

If you're still wondering why life is so difficult, consider whether you're working too hard. You probably laughed a little at the statement, but bear with me.

Your life is the sum of your experiences. Some of those experiences will be more enjoyable than others. If you have an unbalanced number of unpleasant experiences, you should consider whether you are setting unrealistic goals for yourself.

For example, if someone sets a goal of losing 60 pounds in 30 days, they may be unaware of how unlikely that goal is to be met. If they knew that the average weight loss regiment recommends losing one to two pounds per week, they would realize that two pounds per day is unhealthy. However, if you set an unrealistic goal, you will be disappointed when you fail to meet it.

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Life becomes even more difficult when you try to accomplish the achievable within an unrealistic time frame. Because you feel the failure of not achieving your goal, you miss the fact that you have made tremendous progress along the way. This can be frustrating and leave you wondering why life is so difficult.

Giving yourself more time is the most effective way to overcome this feeling of frustration. When you give yourself more time, you'll be surprised at how much less stressed you are.

Do you remember a time when you needed more time to complete a school assignment or a work project? You know your presentation would be flawless if you could just give it another day or two. Then, by chance, the meeting or deadline was pushed back a week because someone became ill or had a conflict that prevented them from attending. How wonderful does it feel to discover that you have more time than you anticipated? Allow yourself the extra time and observe how it affects your perception of the situation.

4. Searching in the Wrong Places

Life can be extremely difficult if you only focus on what is wrong in your life. Believe me, there is a lot wrong in the world, but there is also a lot right in the world.

You get to decide what you want to concentrate on. It is nearly impossible to see opportunities if you train your mind to only recognize what is wrong with the world. Consider a person who only watches the news. The majority of people acknowledge that the news is full of negative stories that instill fear, anger, and frustration. As a result of the constant barrage of negative information, your perception of the world will be skewed.

Associating with people who are always complaining about something can also create a negative perception. Whether they are complaining about their family, relationships, or jobs, it will cause you to reflect on your own problems.

You must take two actions in order to overcome a negative mindset. To begin, you must reduce the amount of negative information you are absorbing. You will need to spend less time watching the news and spend less time with negative people. This can be particularly difficult if the negative person is a family member or close friend. However, if their mindset makes you wonder why life is so difficult, you owe it to yourself to change your associations.

The following step is to keep a positivity journal. You don't have to write in it every day, but you should read it at least once a day. You should begin each day by reading about everything you enjoy about your life. This will allow you to appreciate your life's joys even more because they will not be drowned out by day-to-day challenges.

Final Thoughts

The reasons why life is so difficult differ from person to person. Your personal growth and transformation should bring you comfort whenever you look back and see how far you've come.

Don't get discouraged if things don't happen as quickly as you'd like. Instead, concentrate on the fact that you are making progress every day. When all is said and done, if you are better each day than you were the day before, you will love the person you become.

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