Why Relationships Don’t Work (The Ultimate Guide + Image Quotes)

Is your relationship causing you distress? If you are content and optimistic, you are most likely in a happy and healthy relationship. However, relationships can sometimes go sour, leaving you unsure of what to do or who to turn to.

Here are seven reasons why some relationships fail

1. They have a checklist for their relationships

While learning what you like and dislike in a relationship is important, a great relationship is based on the heart rather than the mind. Creating a list of qualities that a partner must have leads to unrealistic expectations and demands, and it frequently takes away a lot of surprise and fun. Put your trust in your intuition and get rid of the list.

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2. They are excessively critical of one another

In a relationship, honesty is essential, but being with someone who is extremely critical can lower your self-esteem and make you feel depressed. Insulting your weight, height, appearance, friends, style, or job while making you feel worthless is an example of critical behavior. Consider whether these remarks are genuine or unnecessary.

3. They are incapable of dealing with jealousy

Relationships should be loving and supportive. Jealousy, on the other hand, can frequently rear its ugly head in relationships. Acting irrationally angry when the other person receives good news, such as making a new friend or finding a job, demanding personal or private information, being angry if their partner talks to the opposite sex, or irrationally accusing them of lying or cheating are some of the main warning signs.

4. They believe that honesty is unimportant

A white lie will not end a relationship, but being dishonest about important issues demonstrates a lack of regard for your partner's feelings. Dishonesty leads to mistrust, upset, and anger, so it is critical to be honest during difficult times. In a healthy relationship, you should be able to answer yes to both of the following questions: do I trust my partner to be truthful? Can my partner expect me to do the same?

5. They unfairly blame each other

Blaming someone repeatedly and without reason is emotional abuse, and the person being blamed often begins to believe they are in the wrong, making them feel guilty and upset for not believing they are “good enough.” It is important (and emotionally mature) to accept responsibility for our own actions and to respect the person with whom we are in a relationship.

6. They are emotionally immature, to say the least

Relationship maturity does not develop with age; rather, it is a willingness to work on a relationship, accept blame, and compromise. Be wary of starting a relationship with someone who is easily irritated. Most people try their hardest to avoid fights at the start of a relationship, so pay attention to how they act in certain situations or how they treat other people. Sometimes emotionally immature people are eager to learn how to mature and grow, but be wary of pressuring or forcing someone to change.

7. They only want to be in charge of each other

Being in a relationship with a controlling partner can be emotionally draining. Trying to please a controlling person is difficult because they often want you to live your life according to their rules rather than your own, which can leave you feeling unsatisfied. They tell you how to dress or act, they check your phone or emails, they show up at your house without being invited, and they may go through your belongings without permission.

What else can cause a relationship to fail? Please share your thoughts in the comments section!

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