Why Shouldn’t I Give Up (The Ultimate Guide + Image Quotes)

We all have times when it seems impossible to keep going. When you're already feeling overwhelmed, it's easy to convince yourself to give up. However, giving up too soon may result in you missing out on success. You never know when you'll start seeing results if you stick with it and give it a little more time. Here are eight compelling reasons why you should persevere.

1. One success requires many iterations

You've heard of the term “airplane,” haven't you? It took many iterations of gliders and years of testing and attempting for Orville and Wilbur Wright to achieve a powered “flying machine.”

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They did not declare that each iteration was a failure. They referred to it as a method of improvement because each test, each trial provided new information that influenced and improved the next model.

Not getting it right the first time, or the hundredth time, is not a reason to give up. It's simply a method for you to continue learning how to do it better the next time.

2. Immediate success is a myth

We've all heard stories about people who rose to fame overnight. However, what appears to be instant or overnight success is always preceded by years of struggle and work.

There is a long, difficult road to success, but when it comes, we only focus on the last mile or so. It appears to be so simple, and it makes such a good story, that we overlook the miles and miles of obscurity, difficulty, and perseverance required to reach that hilltop of glory.

Those stories leave us with the impression that if we haven't achieved a high level of success in a matter of days or months, we're doing something wrong. And we are: we are listening to make-believe stories as if they were rules for how life works in real life.

3. Your success may be more important than you think

And if you give up now, you'll never know what you could have accomplished or what the world might have missed if you hadn't.

After losing two Senate bids, Abraham Lincoln decided to run for President of the United States…and win. That election placed Lincoln at the helm of the War Between the States, and it was Lincoln who issued the Emancipation Proclamation three years later.

What if, after two defeats in politics, he decided it was time to call it quits and retire to the country?

What if you decide that your success is unimportant? Your losses are too great, and it's time to return to normalcy, give up, and settle down. Average is sufficient.

Except that average never made a difference in the world.

4. The most worthwhile things are difficult to achieve

We prefer things that are simple, comfortable, and familiar. That's because we're lazy and don't want to put in the effort required to do difficult tasks. We go to great lengths to convince ourselves that we don't need that goal… whatever it is because we don't want to put forth the effort. We pretend to be content with the simple things, but we know the truth.

The best things, the most important things, are the most difficult.

A wonderful relationship, a career to be proud of, a family, serving, innovating, and assisting others? All of these necessitate careful consideration, self-control, self-sacrifice, and a willingness to put in a lot of effort over a long period of time.

But what could be better than the results of such an endeavor?

5. It's possible that you haven't tried the right thing yet

  • “If I have served the public in any way, it is because of my patient thought.” -Isaac Newton & Co
  • Before pursuing a career in science, Isaac Newton tried his hand at farming and failed miserably
  • He wasn't very good at farming, but he was brilliant at what he did after failing at farming

If you're trying and failing, it's possible that you haven't tried the right thing yet. Don't judge yourself or give up on life and your goals because you've failed in one or more areas. When you try and fail, you learn something about yourself and life, and you gain experience that will help you do better the next time.

So keep going. Try something new, and don't let past failures keep you from achieving success in the future.

6. tenacity is more important than talent

If you feel you aren't good enough or talented enough, keep in mind that there are plenty of supremely talented people out there working in dead-end jobs and not using their talents.

Talent is wonderful, but without tenacity, it will not get you very far.

I'm sure you've heard of the “overnight success” stories. Right. But, remember, those have a backstory? And the backstory is the tenacity that kept that talented individual going long before success “hit.” Success does not come to you or happen to you. Hard work and determination are required to achieve success.

So persevere and be tenacious.

7. Your past is not a predictor of your future

Many great successes were once dubbed “big, sad, and sorry failures.”

Every famous writer was once a budding author.

8. Every great entrepreneur began as a shaky little start-up

And 99.9% of the time, their initial attempts were not their best. They did not, however, give up. They persevered through one bad draft after another, one business failure after another, until they had learned and tried enough to succeed.

Each failure teaches you something. Each attempt can provide you with useful information about how to do better the next time.

You are not doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past. You've been given a priceless gift: the ability to reflect on and learn from your past. That past could be the key to achieving the desired future.

Don't give up. Success is on the way.

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