Work to Hard (The Ultimate Guide + Image Quotes)

You'd think that working extremely hard is the best way to advance in your career. You'd think that if you put in a lot of effort, you'd eventually get noticed.

However, the reality is quite different. There is a reason why employees are expected to work around 40 hours per week and receive paid vacation time (although the number of weeks vary per country).

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Here are six reasons why working too hard may be detrimental to your career:

1. Excessive physical exertion will harm your health

If you work too hard and put in too many hours at work, you won't have time or energy to take proper care of yourself. You won't have time to exercise, eat nutritious foods, or get enough sleep. Skipping these three aspects of a healthy lifestyle is a recipe for disaster. Furthermore, spending too much time at work will leave you exhausted and stressed. High levels of stress, once again, are a recipe for illness. Nobody can keep up a crazy work schedule in the long run. You will become ill, sooner or later, and working yourself to the point of collapse will not impress anyone at work.

2. Excessive effort will harm your creativity

You require time away from work to reframe and refocus your thoughts. Your imagination will simply dry up if your work schedule is so hectic that you have no time for any of your hobbies. Graham Wallace examined the creative processes of famous scientists in his book The Art of Thought. He discovered that “incubation,” a time period in which thoughts are in the back of someone's mind and sitting aside in a sort of stew, is an important step in the process. You will not come up with novel ideas if you continue to work on your projects without allowing time and space for incubation.

3. Working too hard suggests that you are not working smartly

Working hard is a thing of the 1980s. The key to success is to make wise career and task choices in order to raise your profile. Working all of your waking hours at your job demonstrates that you are not working smartly. Working smarter entails knowing which tasks you excel at and delegating the rest. Working smarter entails fueling yourself with creativity and motivation rather than being drained by repetitive tasks. Above all, working smart entails self-reflection and optimizing your workflow processes in order to maximize productivity. You demonstrate leadership by working smarter.

4. Working too hard indicates an inability to delegate

If you work in a team or have support staff and you are the one putting in 80+ hours a week while your coworkers are twiddling their thumbs and going home early, you have a trust problem with your employees. You must then learn to delegate your work. If everyone on your team is working 60+ hours a week and is stressed out, you'll need to persuade your bosses that it's time to hire an extra employee. We all have a limit to how much we can take.

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5. Working too hard indicates a lack of prioritization

Don't waste your time on insignificant tasks that will not advance your career. Don't spend too much time, for example, responding to emails. Try to respond to your emails once a day, during an allotted time period in which you determine whether you can respond to the request immediately or if you should make time in your schedule to deal with the question. Changing tasks frequently and responding to emails in between slows you down and requires you to work longer hours to complete the same amount of work.

6. Working excessively hard indicates that you are overburdened by your job

If you need more than 80 hours per week to complete your tasks, this may send the wrong message to your bosses. They may interpret this as a sign that you are overwhelmed by your work, that you are unable to complete your tasks in a reasonable amount of time, and that you are not prepared to take on more responsibility. Consider how different this is from what you might perceive as a very devoted employee.

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