10 Signs That You Are a Leader and What it Takes to Become One

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize that each and every one of us has the potential to be a leader. The difference between John Quincy Adams and yourself, however, is the willingness to take a risk and the determination to succeed.

Do you ever lie awake at night thinking about a promotion you should pursue but can't because you don't believe you're qualified? Consider this: here are some signs that you are a great leader who isn't even aware of it.

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1. You come across as approachable

If you find yourself giving advice to friends and coworkers more than you take it, it means they value your opinion and are the go-to person for assistance. Being approachable is an important characteristic for a leader to have because no one wants to work for someone who does not have an open door policy. Take pride in the fact that people trust your judgment and confide in you.

2. Even when things are difficult, you keep a smile on your face

Maintaining your professional composure is an excellent trait that many leaders possess and that many companies seek. It is critical to remain calm and in control of the situation. If you've found yourself silently nodding and listening to someone who is obviously upset and screaming at you, you have more patience than most.

3. You have a wide-open mind

When it comes to being a leader, keeping an open mind is essential. I applaud you if you have found yourself listening to someone tell you how to do things more efficiently and taking it as constructive criticism.

4. You are uncomplicated

Have you ever been in a situation where someone asks you for advice and you give it to them even though you know they don't want to hear it? To get the point across, you don't sugarcoat it and give it to them straight. That is a good thing; it may not appear so to your friend at the time, but it is a great quality that every leader possesses.

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You will need to hold meetings, provide constructive feedback on an employee's performance, and, on occasion, let someone go. It takes a tough person to possess this characteristic; be proud of it.

5. You are accountable, even if you don't want to be

Some days, it just sucks to be alive and you just want to lay in bed. You want to stay there, eat your meals there, and sleep there. Whatever is bothering you, you push it aside and force yourself out of bed because you have obligations. You have people relying on you, and you have tasks that will not be completed on their own.

Some people never get out of bed and simply put off those tasks until another day, but not you. This is referred to as being accountable. Leaders must assume responsibility when no one else will.

6. Regardless of how you feel, you treat everyone equally

Whether at work or school, you treat everyone equally, regardless of your emotions. To be a leader, you must be able to treat everyone with dignity, even if you are having a bad day. It's impressive if you're the type of person who leaves your personal belongings at the door of the place where you work or study. That is something that not many people can do.

7. You are self-assured, but you are never afraid to ask for help or support

Great leaders are not without flaws. They are confident in their decisions, but they are not afraid to seek assistance if necessary. Take it as a good sign if you find yourself stuck in a rut and ask for help from someone else. You are a human being, and while you know a lot, you do not know everything. Consider yourself leader material if you accept this and move forward with an open mind.

8. Even in the worst of circumstances, you find the silver lining

Your vitality is unstoppable. Everyone requires positive energy to thrive, and leaders of all types require it. It is necessary to have this energy in the workplace because mistakes are made from time to time, but any action taken afterwards can exacerbate the situation if negative energy is allowed to fester. Great leaders look for the silver lining in every situation.

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9. You provide assistance to others without expecting anything in return

Have you ever found yourself completing tasks at work because they needed to be done rather than because you were asked to? Or simply offering to assist someone in their move? Great leaders do things to help others without expecting anything in return.

10. You are genuinely concerned about how others are feeling

Sometimes in life, you have to put your plans on hold to listen to someone vent or be their shoulder to cry on. People come to you when they want to talk about life and how things are going wrong. You make time for this because you genuinely care about how others are feeling.

Great leaders strive to understand their employees not only as employees, but also as individuals. They recognize that people have feelings, ups and downs, and that they need someone to listen to them and reset their minds.

If you found yourself saying, “I do that” in response to several of these points, you may be a leader. All you need is a little faith and determination to make it happen. Except for yourself, nothing in this world can prevent you from becoming who you want to be. If you want it, you must work for it. You already possess the characteristics of a leader, and the world could always use another great leader.

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